Gift Giving


Have used hand tools, gardening tools or buckets in good shape, that you will be replacing this holiday season?

 Please consider giving a tax deductible donation to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo this winter season.  As we head into the cold months, new/used equipment, tools, shovels, buckets, barn or gardening tools, etc. are all a necessity at the Zoo.  We have compiled a list of items that we’re always happy to accept at the CWPZoo.  If you or anyone you know would like to help by donating these items, please let us know, your support is appreciated!

Have frozen meat that you will be replacing this hunting season?  How about canned goods, fruits or vegetables and grains?

The CWPZoo will gladly accept your generous donations of good quality food items, perishable or not.  Please call the gift shop office to let us know what sort of items you may have available.  We will be happy to take them off of your hands and out of your freezers!

Winter Savings

Monetary donations are also a great way to help the CWPZoo get through a winter season.  The winter can be tough on our enclosures, buildings, paths and exhibits.  Monetary donations help us to sustain our Zoo grounds through the tough winter season, as well as keep our equipment running for snow and ice removal, tree removal or any other damage control from the harsh weather our area has been experiencing in the winter seasons recently.  All monetary donations are certainly tax deductible and significantly appreciated.

The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is a non-profit 501c(3) entity under the management of Global Wildlife Trust, Inc.   All of your donations are completely tax deductible.  Please e-mail our office for further questions or concerns at Thank you, as always and happy holidays!

We currently have an Amazon wish list of items the zoo could use. Please click HERE to go to that page.

Our  Current “Wish List” for winter 2013-2014

Food Tools
Honey Yard Rakes
Canned Vegetables Towels/Blankets (any size)
Canned Fruits Brooms
Oatmeal Hand Tools (any kind)
100% Fruit Juices Rakes – grass or leaves
Dry Cereals (any flavor) 30 Gal Trash Cans
Pasta Buckets
Jelly Shovels
Applesauce Leaf Blowers
Equipment Other
DVD’s and Players Paper Towels
Radios Bleach
Portable Generators Kennels/Cages
CD Players Recirculation Pumps
Small TV’s Gift Cards-Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart
Wet-Dry Vac Lawn Mowers
Refrigerators-full & bar size Golf Cart
Computer-PC 80GB or better
4 Wheel Drive Vehicle
X-ray Machine & Incubators

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