From llamas and lemurs to bears and boas, from macaws to monkeys to panthers and pythons, meet over 600 exotic animals on your zoo adventure.

Amazing adventures and exciting new animal friends await you in this 50-acre park! You will be welcomed by natural ponds, lush landscaping, and wandering Ambass-zoo-dors, eager to indulge inquisitive guests.

The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo features more interactive touch and feed opportunities than any other zoo in the region.  These amazing animals are our extended family and vital ambassadors for their species. Through our personal style of exhibitory and education, we know that they will be your extended family too. Together we can make sure all the wild animals enjoy the future they deserve.

Ask us how you can join us in our conservation efforts.

Walking Safari Adventure

Make the most of your visit to CWPZoo by adding a guided “Walking Safari” to your adventure. CWPZOO will be offering two safari rides. Each safari will take you deep into the animal world to learn more about these unique creatures. Every safari comes with an educational packet full of information and activities to do in the classroom and at the Preserve. During the safari, students have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the Ambass-Zoo-dors. Below are the Safari’s that will be offered this year.

Primarily Primates

Animals you may see in your tour include lemur, booted macaque, owl monkey, Patas and Geoffrey tamarin.

Reptiles – Big & Small

Animals you may see in your tour include giant reptiles, venomous reptiles, box turtle, alligator and Australian reptiles.


Jungle Nights

Have you ever dreamed of taking your group or class into the wild to appreciate just how scintillating the sounds of the night can be? Or how close to nature you feel when awakening to the sound of geese honking, monkeys chattering or parrots squawking their “hello” to a new day? Or even walking the wildlife paths with only your guide and flashlight as company?  If you have, the CWPZoo offers Jungle Nights; a program designed to immerse students into our wildlife world.

Knowledgeable staff will take zoo campers into the night world of our rare and exotic creatures and help them awaken to the sound of nature’s alarm clock.

This is an unforgettable experience like no other!

For group reservations and additional information, please contact the Education Dept. at 301-271-3180, ext 10 or print out and mail in our reservation form

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