New Leopards

new amur leopard at the Catoctin WIldlife Preserve & Zoo

Lady Asja, our new Amur Leopard

CWPZoo has recently been the recipient of two very special and endangered big cats… an IUCN Critically Endangered female Amur Leopard and a male Snow Leopard classified as IUCN Endangered.

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered of all the big cats.  There are only about 30 of them left in the wild and about 176 of them in protecting institutions worldwide. They are one of the smaller representatives of the six subspecies of leopards that range throughout southern Asia and Africa. Their range in the Primorye of Russia is an area of Asia where Russia, China and North Korea share boundaries. Recently, our principle veterinarian, Melodye Roelke visited this very area twice to collect blood and tissue samples from Siberian Tigers for DNA work being done. Amur Leopards feed primarily on small deer species, wild boar shoats and birds.

Lady Asja is temporarily on display between the Dwarf African Goat boma and our African section.

The Snow Leopard is arguably the most beautiful of the larger cats. Endangered throughout its disappearing range, it is poached for its pelt and killed by herders to protect their herds of goats and sheep. About 5000 are found over a  range the size of Mexico spanning twelve Himalayan countries. From Russia and Mongolia in the north where they are found in the mountains above 3000 feet, to China which hosts about 60% of the Snow Leopard population, through six of the “stan” nations including Afghanistan and Pakistan,  ending with Nepal and Bhutan in the south,where they are found only above the 10,000 feet line.
There are about 600 Snow leopards in protecting institutions worldwide and about 250 of them in the United States alone. Now your Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is one of them. Our timid male, named Tailong, meaning great dragon, will enjoy living in his new Himalayan mountain landscaped quarters between the Eurasian Fallow Deer and the Giant Reptiles building. We are soliciting the donations of materials to complete his air conditioned block building which will allow our guests to view him inside as well as outside. Tailong is available for adoption.

Thank you Schuster Concrete, Frederick, MD. for donating the cement for the pad for his climate controlled mountain retreat and the substrate for his outside mountain habitat.



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