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Wolf WoodsThe Wolf Woods is biggest of the all new habitats on the list of improvements and renovations for this year. Because it is an ambitious undertaking the plan is in three phases.

The first phase is the habitat for the wolves. It consists of fencing for the enclosure with safety structures to prevent both digging under or climbing over. This habitat for the wolves will have a shallow pond, artificial overlooks and several trees. We will be adding additional foliage including pine and birch trees as well as assorted native shrubs. The last element of the exhibit is the night shelter. This is a necessity in case of high winds, ice storms, for corralling the pack for health checks and nighttime safety.

Phase two, which is unfunded at this time, includes two visitor viewing pads. One overlooks a wet moated structure with views unobstructed by fencing. The other is a boardwalk structure elevated above the height of the fence offering another unobstructed view.

Phase three, also unfunded at this time, is an educational museum like log cabin, climate controlled, with large glass panes along one wall forming a panoramic view of the wolf habitat.






sun bear xmas tree recyclingFor many families bringing in a live Christmas tree is a tradition. But  just a few days from now, you will want it out of the house and even out of the yard. Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo will  be accepting recycled trees and using them as tasty treats and toys for their zoo animals.


We can only recycle natural trees. NO trees that have been sprayed with “snow”, scents or treated with chemicals. We cannot recycle trees with tinsel or other decorations still intact. No artificial trees, only live trees without decorations, tinsel or other man made materials.

Help us make this a success. Remember these trees will be used for shelters, treats and enrichment for the animals so be aware of their safety. Thank you for helping us give them a happy and healthy holiday treat!

Custom Animal PaintingsAt Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, several of our animal species have taken up painting as one of their favorite enrichment activities. We give specific animals the chance to create their own custom masterpieces using non-toxic finger paints and selected art supplies. Animals create their own unique abstract art by using their own special techniques.

Visitors now have the opportunity to own one of these original canvas paintings from the animal of their choice. Custom animal paintings begin at $50.00.

To order your painting please fill out the Custom Animal Painting Order Form and mail it to the zoo or shop online.  Paintings may be picked up in to 2-4 weeks in the Zoo Gift Shop or allow $10.00 for shipping in 2-4 weeks from the order date.

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Baby FossaThe Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is excited to announce the successful rearing of another endangered species, Madagascar’s largest carnivore, the Fossa. These very rare animals gained their notoriety in the Disney film Madagascar.

The young pups were born to CWPzoo’s fossa pair on June 17th, 2014. Fossa are highly endangered in the wild. The pups were pulled for rearing by Laurie Hahn, the zoo’s certified veterinarian technician after the first-time mother lost interest in their care. At four days of age their eyes were still closed and they weighed just 80 grams. The infants required feedings every two hours around the clock for the first two weeks. Only a few zoos in this country have successfully bred and raised fossa pups.

The pups now weigh over 500 grams and are starting to eat solids in addition to their special liquid formula. The zoo is planning to build an exhibit in the Madagascar section for their parents and welcome sponsors for the materials and labor. If you or your company would like to make a donation to this new exhibit, please contact Mario Lawrence at the zoo.

CWPZoo has two very special and endangered big cats on exhibit.

Safari CrewCWPZoo is currently looking to fill two full time animal care positions, a Safari Manager and a Feline/ Primate Specialist. You will be part of a team working under the supervision and training of the General Curator and Ass’t Director of Zoological Affairs.

Qualified applicants must have at least four years paid experience in the zoological animal care field. A four year degree in biological sciences or related field is helpful but not required. These positions are intended for a person who has mastered all basic husbandry techniques and zoo protocols and is looking to continue their professional growth. You must be able to lift 60lbs with ease.

We place a high value on employees who are team players, understand the connection between an institution’s staff and the visiting public, are safety conscious, have good animal management and husbandry skills, know how to and do apply environmental enrichment diversions for the animals in their care.

Salary commensurate with experience, liberal leaves, paid vacation and assistance with conference expenses after one year and flexible work schedule. Some assistance with relocation is possible.

Global Wildlife Trust, Inc. dba Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is 501(c)3 corporation with a 50 acre park like zoo and large animal safari. We specialize in primates (15 species) and poikilotherms (over 120 species of reptiles plus amphibians, fish and invertebrates). We have a diverse collection including large ungulates and felines, birds, and unusual small mammals.

Positions are open until filled. Salary commensurate with experience.

How to apply:

Email your resume with beginning salary desired to:

You know that person, the one who has all the latest gizmos and gadgets; the latest smartphone, iPad, computer, video game, DVD, etc. But you also know that person loves animals. What do you give them? (more…)

Donations requested to replace and repair after storm damage

The Singing Dogs were safe inside their concrete den when the tree came down.

Hurricane Sandy took our lovely forest and turned it on our heads, bringing down dozens of trees on fences, pathways, aviaries, barn roofs and electrical wires. (more…)

new amur leopard at the Catoctin WIldlife Preserve & Zoo

Lady Asja, our new Amur Leopard

CWPZoo has recently been the recipient of two very special and endangered big cats… (more…)