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As our membership grows, so does the awareness and concern we have for animal and environmental conservation.  White tiger kittensSave Time and Money with our Annual Zoo Memberships

By becoming a member of the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, you act as Zoo representatives in the public. When you talk about us and bring your family and friends, you are helping to spread our message of concern for all the species that live within our Zoo and in the world today.

Every time you visit with your membership, you are contributing to the highest level of competent care for our resident wildlife ambassadors and supporting the conservation of their wild counterparts in unspoiled habitats.

Membership is a commitment and a dedication to Global Wildlife Trust, Inc. and its mission.

  • The Global Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to broadening human understanding of the animal world.
  • This is achieved through immersion in naturalistic habitat recreations and educational programs using live animals and instructional tools both on-site at Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo and through presentations in the greater community.
  • We are committed to this mission because we believe promoting harmonious coexistence of all species is our duty as stewards of the Earth.


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