That bright streak of color that just fluttered and squawked? That’s one of 30 different species of our vibrant Amazon Parrots, welcoming you to the Latin America area. Most Amazon Parrots are green with a sparkling accent color- the color helps distinguish between species. These smart parrots can imitate speech, which often makes them popular pets. Our parrots love eating all sorts of wild berries, nuts, and even leaves… They’re not picky!
As you tread under the Amazonian Rainforest canopy, beware of the head honcho in this town- our Jaguar likes to keep tabs on everyone who visits her side of the Latin America exhibit. Jaguars are the only Big Cat in the Americas, so she’s used to preferential treatment. Jaguars are surprisingly strong hunters, and can even break through tough reptile armor… so watch out!