Delaney’s Japanese Koi Pond

Delaney's Koi PondBegun in 2005 and opened two years later the Delaney’s Japanese Koi Pond is one of the most admired and special exhibits in the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve. Home to 100 large Japanese Koi, 50 Chinese Goldfish, one dozen European Orfs, also called Golden Trout and several two foot albino Channel Catfish, there is something here for everyone.

Designed so that the fish are at eye level even for children, it features crystal clear water, a naturalized waterfall and an staggering variety of Asian trees, shrubs, grasses and water plants that impresses most horticulturists. As the multitude of Japanese Maples, Black and Red Pine Trees and Azaleas grow into their adult forms, we continue to enhance the area with Mandarin ducks and other small Asian waterfowl in 2010.

Feeding the fish by hand with the special koi food provided nearby in vending machines ensures a very special personal experience for the young and the young at heart.