Travel through the islands and monkey around with the Baboons, Cottontop Tamarins, and Geoffroy’s Marmoset. When you hear the bees buzzing, take a look around and you might spy a petite Sun Bear looking for a paw full of honey! These beautiful but formidable bears don’t hibernate at all, so they can eat, nap, and reproduce year-round. Sun Bears have quite the reputation as a fighter- they have very loose skin under all that fur, which allows them to wriggle around if bitten in a fight to counter any attack immediately. They’re known to put up a fight even against a tiger or jaguar!
Around the corner are the more docile Monarch Butterflies. They would be so excited to see you they may give you some butterfly kisses! Afterwards, cool off in the Conservation Theater and get to meet the animals up close! Watch the showcase of the many animals at Catoctin and maybe even join in on the fun! With their friendly and outgoing personalities, they’ll love to take pictures with you!