White Bengal TigerThe royal cats will see you now- Meet our regal white Bengal Tigers, proudly posing for all their adoring fans. Once only found in the highest courts of India, the white variety of Bengal Tiger is found in less than 10% of the big cats. With cinnamon stripes instead of black, these tigers are unforgettable.

After your royal audience, don’t forget to feed the beautiful, painted koi fish in the Japanese style Koi garden – they love giving wet kisses!
The Giant Reptiles house is full of some of the world’s largest species of cold-blooded beauties… pythons as thick as your leg, boa constrictors and tortoises are here to discover, if you’re brave enough to go inside.
For something lighter, be sure to feed the pygmy goats, alpaca, Jacobs sheep and young donkeys in the petting zoo before you leave, but be careful- they’re a little greedy!