Annie’s Butterfly Garden

Annie’s Butterfly Garden is another labor of love. Named for the mother of Mary Anne Hahn, it has been a haven of refuge for others looking to remember their loved ones in special ways. Painted Lady Butterflies have frequently been sponsored for the miniature netted gazebo in the center of the garden. Many of the plants have been planted especially to provide nectar for adult butterflies or sustenance for various native butterfly larvae.

The interest in this modest endeavor has led to the planning, currently in execution, of a Butterfly Greenhouse where many more species of butterflies may be maintained in a protective environment from early summer through fall. The almost 1500 square foot structure will house over 100 butterflies of up to 25 species when completed. The pilot program is slated to be open in 2010. We anticipate that walking through the tropical landscaped exhibit amidst many of nature’s most beautiful creations will be an experience not soon forgotten.